Aesthetics and function are equally important...

The wishes of our patients vary widely as to their personal treatment goals and these are as different as the individuals themselves.

The need for dental treatment or orthodontic treatment, however, can often be traced back to causes with effects that can overlap.

Perfect teeth...

One patient group includes all those who wish to have perfect teeth - for a confident, winning smile.

Inconspicuous teeth straightening for beautiful straight teeth:

Virtually invisible aligner therapy, for instance with Invisalign:

This is where orthodontic treatment can help, for instance with clear aligners such as offered by Invisalign.

You wear an aligner for a certain length of time from a set of virtually invisible clear aligners that we custom fabricate for you. These aligners straighten your teeth without anybody ever noticing.

Life without dental prostheses...

Our patients also include people who have been referred to us by our periodontal department with the request to close gaps in their front teeth.

Teeth that have been pushed forward by the tongue due to a weakening of the periodontic (tooth-anchoring) apparatus are returned to their correct positions and stabilized.

This can often make crowns unnecessary and the patient is able to enjoy life without dental prostheses.

Crowded front teeth...

In the opposite case where the front teeth are crowded, this crowding can be easily corrected with orthodontics, particularly when dental measures such as fillings, crowns or bridges have already been planned for the side teeth.

By reducing the size of the prostheses, it is easy to gain enough space to create beautiful arches of front teeth. This is a fact that is, unfortunately, all too often not mentioned.